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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Casual Winter Wear

Life here is so different from lil'o Hastings, NE.  It's definitely way more busy and fast paced.  Maybe is because I have a full time job, maybe is because there is more around to do... no matter what the actual reason is, the fact is, the day seems to have less hours here :-)

When I thought about re-candling my love for blogging, I never plot out when I would actually write.  All I wanted was to record our memories and not let time just pass by.  With that said,m I have no kinda of plan as to how often I'll write, but I promise not to let 2 yrs pass by without showing my face.

Here is what I wore out to run errands.  I found the perfect angle + lighting combo, and I'm quite pleased with the turn out.  I do think I lost my touch confidence these past years with taking selfies as my hubby calls them (and just about the whole world :-), but I'm slowly getting more comfortable with being in front of the lenses again, so please bare with me as my pictures go through an array of experimentation with angles, lighting, locations..

Boots: SODA
Jeans: Rue21
Gray T: Walmart (Myle Cyrus Collection)
Blazer: Gordmans ( soooooo old)
Scarf: Came with a Guess Pea Coat
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