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About Me

I'm newlywed to the greatest hubbie.  Still a college student pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  Living in a little town (for now), where blogging is my way to connect with the world outside this city limits!

I started this blog to keep my family posted on what's going with me, here in the Midwest, and to keep track of my adventures in the kitchen... but that didn't go too well.  I don't think my family check it that much and I talk to them way too much, so no need to restate what they already heard from me (heheh).  The cooking deal also didn't go to well because I seldom remembered to take pictures and I don't follow a whole lot of recipes.

After becoming more familiar with the blog-sphere (took me long enough),  my blog has become everything but about what I first intended it to be.  Fashion, reviews, crafts, pure randomness... I'm not quite sure yet where I'm going, or what I want it to become so the safer thing to assume that it's a little bit of everything. It's my blog in construction!!