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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Best Feeling ever....

So one of my classes this semester is Methods of Teaching Elementary PE, and one of the requirements is to go visit one of my teacher's Kindergarten class.  I did that today, we have to write a reflection and I figure the sooner I get it done the better.  I seem to operate like that a lot when it come to school work (except for papers of course, which I always seem to do them over the night).  Anyways, back to visiting the kindergarten... My preference of grade is upper elementary, because kindergartens are just a handful, which they were today... but even having a grade level that is not my first choice, it just felt so good to be in the classrooms again.

Last year I was on Junior Block, and it's is pretty much student teaching but you don't quite get to run the classroom.  It's more like observing but getting teaching experience as much as your cooperating teacher allows you to.  I was in the classroom everyday but Friday, and I just miss that so much.  The nostalgia today just goes to show that I've picked the right career.  Words cannot describe how I feels!  It was when I was walking to my car that I realized and I was just so happy(for having reassurance) and sad (because time flied) at the same time.

This is one of the activities we did with our class last year.
The kids got to write rhymes on the leafs.

I cannot anticipate Student Teaching enough and my first year teaching my own classroom, I just cannot wait...

Tah Tah for now!!!


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