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Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Time no Post ( over a month to be somewhat precise)

Happy Monday and Labor day my lovely readers!!!
 (if you're still out there, since I've abandoned my blog for a few weeks)

Well first I would like to apologize for not being around, I got my new phone and that became my new toy.  Which must I say was not worth it at all.  I was so excited because I was going to be able to blog from my phone, but as you can see--didn't happen.  After giving it a try for about two weeks, guess what?  I actually got it switched for a Purple Blackberry Curve (yea it was a downgrade but I'm happy).

Why I absolutely love this phone:

Reason #1
It does everything you can possibly think of to make your life easier and more organize (now i can have my blogging time back hehehe). 

Reason #2
I got the cutest outfit for it.  A see through Zebra case!!!  It's so gorgeous and so me....

Well enough with the phone, here is a quick update for what has been going on over this past month...( in no particular order)  We got our car broken into, our phones arrived (hahah bet you figured that one), school started, my girlfriends moved back in town, I stopped blogging (for a non good reason), I made my first from scratch cake and ganache (it was a Brazilian carrot cake in case you were wondering) recipe coming soon, I've been doing good on my weekly grocery shopping, I've been once again slacking on WIWW (i think i have a decent excuse for that) and last but not least I've threw my first (mini) dinner party.

Ok so here are some details on what happened...

Car situation... they smashed the drivers window (so unnecessary), trashed our dash, stole our ac button and damaged our trunk's door.  Must I mention, there was a trunk pop up button right by the drivers' seat (idiots!!!) excuse me for my language.  We got our window replaced the day after, but the trunk's door, stereo system, and ac is going to have to wait (thank God summer is about over already).

Like I mentioned before, I had a new toy for a few weeks and blogging just wasn't working out, but as far as WIWW i just been forgetting to start taking the pics on Wednesday as opposed to when the week starts, so in my head I don't have a full week so I rather wait until it's wed again to start and I end up forgetting, but I will start again soon.

I wasn't trying to make this a super long blog but that's what I get for not blogging for a while.  I'm planning to sneak blogging into my daily schedule so no more slacking...

Oh almost forgot, (can't remember if I told you that we were having a couple of issues with my wed ring) I was finally able to part from my original one and we got a new one, it's being sized right now, but I'll share it as soon as I get it back.


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