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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great News!!!!!!!

As you may or may not know, my hubbie has a passion for football ever since he was 9 years old (hence his football number :-)  Last Sunday he went to his third  (certainly not the last one) pro football try out as third is the lucky charm, he MADE IT!!!!!!!

He signed with them right on the spot...  The Nebraska Danger!!!  I was so proud of him. He always performs but the opportunity door was a little rusty and took a little bit to open, but now the sky is the limit and I know his talents will take him far.

In honor to them and a bit of me just been a nerd this post is bi-color ;-)  I'm so excited for the season and I'm already pulling out my high school pride gear as it is the same color of the Dangers!!!!

With all the excitement comes of course some worries and concerns.  It is an indoor league, meaning he will be pushed into a wall as opposed to running out of bounds.. Yikes!! I will be one angry wife, yelling at those who dare to do that to him(not excited for that at all). Another thing on my list is their logo.  It's a skull, which I am not a fan of excited for at all.

Hey for every party there is a pooper right?(excuse my language)  Here is the little sucker  logo, which I don't really know what the mascot will be called, but we shall see.  I do hope they eventually have cheerleaders.  Maybe I'll have a shot?!?!?


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