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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

I really wasn't sure about this outfit.  What do you think?  I wasn't sure about the jacket but it's still too cold out to just wear a long sleeve.  The pink top is also not long enough to tuck in and sit down, I had to readjust every time I got up (kind of a pain)...  I don't know what I did to my cam, the pics are coming out horrible (not that a have a fancy SLR cam), they were a bit clearer (if that's a word) before... will def have to investigate!  Any advice on digital camera settings?

pink top: thrifted (Abercromie)
jean jacket: ross (Hydraulic)
skirt: walmart
thighs: old navy
ugg boots: gifted (thanks mom!)


Anonymous said...

I think it's a really cute outifit and the jean jacket looks good with it too. As far as camera settings, I can't help. My pics NEVER turn out good.

NanyBrazilian said...

Thank you!!! and as far as the cam I'll just end up googling about it except that I forget until I have to take the pics :-)

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