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Friday, February 25, 2011

I love my bun!! heheheh

undershirt: moda international
top: walmart
skinnies: rue21
flats: thrifted
I like this outfit, but I think it made my hips look extra wide.  What do you think?



Hey honey, thanks so much for your hair compliments. And I love your cute & fun outfit, you look gorgeous in those jeans. Really, great on you. Happy Friday! xx veronika

Mommyblogger said...

I think you look adorable but I know what you mean by making you look wide. When I wear pockets like that I feel 10 times wider. I think some of it is just in our imagination!

NanyBrazilian said...

thanks guys I was really feeling super self conscious that day :-( but now I feel way better!!!

Dora Cruceru said...

I love the way you did your hair in these photos. So cute :)

Purple Hippos Cakes!!! :-D said...

I thought you were trying to show off the baby bump like your other model poses, but it was pre-baby picture. I think that you look great! as always! I also am trying to understand why you don't look at the camera...are you modeling on here?

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