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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pop of color!

Pictures are getting a little bit better don't you think?  But this was not my intended outfit at all, I started off with a different top because I wanted to wear a cardi but it did not look right at all with the skirt so I changed... This black top kinda made it look like a dress, but I was pleased with the over all look so I kept it.    I heard it was going to be warmer today, but wasn't sure how much warmer.  I was definitely too covered for the weather, really wished I wasn't rushing out of the door to come back an change;  me and the hubs will be going on a movie date tonight (to see none other than Justin Bieber!!!!! I know right ?! how did I convinced him?  he was actually the one who wanted to go see it--he is into music like that and i'm just a kid in my heart and I like all things Disney :-) anyways, so maybe I'll redeem myself and take advantage of the nice weather.

black top: moda international
skirt: Loft Ann Taylor
thighs: walmart
boots: walmart
necklace: clarie's
PS:  I didn't pin my bangs back today.  What do you think?  The hubbie is not a fan...


H Rija said...

Love you outfit and yes pop of colour is a great thing to spicy up an outfit!!

No Model Lady said...

I love this look!! And I honestly love your bangs! What do men know, anyway?

NanyBrazilian said...

I know right?? I'm straightening my hair this weekend so there will definitely be more bang :-)

Jordan Streetman said...

Amazing tights!!! I need a pair of fun colored tights!

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