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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cupcake and Celebrations

The hubby's surprise dinner was a success!  He had no idea!!!  Everyone even went to the movies with us afterwards.  We watched Battle:LA (totally recommend it).  The movie was super fast and I'll definitely have to watch it again and rewind a couple of scenes but it was really good.  I thought Aaron Eckhart did an excellent job on his role and made the movie really believable (and i'm one of those people that doesn't believe nor believes in aliens).

Anyways, the weather was warm enough to wear a dress with not tights or leggings but cold enough to require closed toes shoes.  I changed a few times, after I decided on this.  I had a different longer vest on and a skinny belt, but after I put the boots on, it just looked like it was going to be too much.  The warm front is now gone, so back to covering up... but it was kind of fun to get a glimpse of what's to come!

vest: ? (so long ago)
necklace: clarie's
dress: ross
boots: soda
I totally forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes after I was done.  I got the idea from somewhere online and thought it was easy enough to try (oh boy was I wrong!).  It wasn't rocked science, but given that I don't have a piping bag it was a nightmare considerably hard to get perfect lines.  The best one was the first one and from then on it just went downhill (good thing the cupcake itself was a hit).

dark chocolate fudge football cupcakes



aww, adorable look + those boots are super fab. AND sounds like that movie is a must see, I love alien movies! xx veronika

Jenn said...

Cute boots! Cute cupcakes! Sounds like it was a good time!

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