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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outfit and a Bit of Randomness

I have a feeling that the season for boots is coming to an end and I hate that I'm loving it.  I'm a winter baby (on the american eyes that is) but I'm definitely a summer girl.  I love snuggling with the hubbie, but I'd rather be hot than cold any day. 

white zip up: thrifted
yellow long sleeve: walmart
belt: thrifted
skinnies: TjMaxx
boots: walmart
 Thought I'd share this pic because it comes with a random thought..

I have a thing for teenage drama.. I watch just about every sitcom and reality shows there is... ABCfamily is my favorite channel on Monday nights-- Secret Life, Make it or Break, Pretty Little Liars (can't wait for the next season)... then oxygen with All About Aubrey (my new favorite).. Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Starts, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Holly's World, StoriTelling Wedding, Khloe and Lammar ( which premiers this Sunday but I already know I'm gonna love it, b/c she's my favorite from the Kardashian's sister), Bethanny, all Real Housewifes.. back to sitcom, The Game, Let's Stay Together, Perfect Couples, Off The Map, Body of Proof, Desperate Housewives, Breakout King, Nikita and the list goes on... OMGsh I think I have a little bit of an addiction problem with TV.

PS: really please ignore the box.. it's been sitting in the living room for a couple of weeks now and it's driving me crazy.  It's holding our Honda Civic media console replacement (which was stolen from our car this past summer) that we just recently found on Ebay.  The hubby has been so busy and haven't gotten a chance to get to it, but I'll sure be glad when it's sitting nice and pretty on the deck of the car, specially because it's starting to get hot and the AC button (which they ripped out also) will be much needed in this weather.


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