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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Day & Meal Planning

Off with the snow, on with the rain... I don't know which one I hate dislike more.  I could say it's a love-hate relationship... I just hate having to leave and get soaked, but at the same time i love wearing my rain boots.(seriously, how cute are they???)  I seem to have this kind of relationship with all seasons.  I can't wait until the snow stops falling, but I miss wearing boots.  I can't wait 'til sumer is here, but I'll wine about being sweaty...  I like to think my favorite season is summer, but as of last summer (being that I didn't really go much to the pool/tanned) I think i like it now (Spring in Nebraska).  It's hot some days, but nice and cool on others.  
On another note, I decided to take meal planning serious and will be doing it from now on.  One day in and I've decided that I will be planning a weeks worth and shopping for it, but I won't be assigning the days in which I'll be making a certain meal because that is just what works for us.  The hubby is always having team dinners or bringing dinner home so I just cook around that.  For instance, last night we just had stuff he brought home from a bbq, but today I cooked what was for Monday.  I'm planning to post it here the menu and some of the dishes but I'll see how it goes first, maybe I'll start next week :-)

top: walmart (refashioned by me)
jeans: rue21
zip-up and boots: target


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