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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meal Planning

I think I've been neglecting my blog enough and since I'm about to start getting into my routines, I thought it's time to sneak blogging into it too.  With student teaching and working, mine and the hubbie's schedule will get a little difficult to juggle and coordinate and i'll most definitely have to meal plan and strictly follow a schedule. SO.....

Here is my attempt (once again) to meal plan for the week.  It works wonders when I do keep up with it, but for some reason I just get caught up with everything else and get uninspired to just do it.  Now, I do have to warn you, I don't follow recipes to a "T".  I usually look it up and make sure there isn't any essential ingredients and make it up as I go to taste.

So here is what i'll be making this week (sorry, I didn't take pics this week but i'll be posting how I made it as the week progresses):

Shrimp Pesto Ravioli
I used wonton wraps for the shell and for the filling chopped ricotta, sauteed shrimp and spinach.  I boiled it and baked for no more than 10 min with pesto sauce and parm cheese as garnish.  It didn't think it look all that good so no pics but it tasted delish!!!  I did however Google'd pesto ravioli and it looked pretty similar to mine.  We ate it with a green salad.


Fried Chicken
I usually don't fry my fried chicken, I bake it.  But this time, since the hubbie requested it, I thought i'd give in into the greasy goodness.  All i did was season the chicken, shake it into flour, and deep fry it.  I must say, i much rather bake it any day--I was so afraid it was going to be under cooked that I ended up cooking it too long, and it turned out kind of dry :-( We ate it with mac&cheese and peas and corn.


Fish Tacos
So easy and yummy!  I sauteed cod fish on a bed of blend mixed veggies (onions, red and green pepper), and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  Since the fish was frozen, it collected lots of water, so I cooked it until it dried, shredded it and served on soft corn tortillas garnished with cheese and tomatoes.  We ate it with Cajun rice and beans.


Buffalo Chicken Braid 
Simple and successfully delish!!!  Also pretty...  All u need is a few chicken breast sauteed in hot wing sauce (I sweetened mine with a little bit of bbq sauce), pizza dough, and cheese.  Now I embellished mine with spinach leaves as well as cream cheese.

before I braided

love, Nanda!!


Purple Hippos Cakes!!! :-D said...

OMG YUM! I want to see the buffalo chicken braid AFTER baking. Did you add egg for a shine?

Those tacos and ravioli yum! Well fried chicken I have never done, but it's all good - maybe adding some chicken broth and making it into a soup or something when it's that dry?

I am so hungry NOW - I need some grub! I want to cook with you!

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