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Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is What I do on My Spare Time!

Allow me to introduce, the two most adorable little models in the world-- Meli and Jazi.  My niece and her best friend.  This was us playing grown up dress up, courtesy of aunties closet.  They picked a few pieces and took turns wearing it rocking it.  WE HAD A BLAST!

Then we picked something from her own closet, and funked it up with a cool hair-do and some accessories.  The last outfit (not pictured), turned the photo-shoot into a gymnastic party.  Meli has been in gymnastic for the past year or so, and she just loves showing me all the tricks she can do.  As a former cheerleader and PROUD auntie, I love pushing her to her limits and teaching her new tricks.  We've master front & back walkover and she is only 5.

  Yes, I'm that kinda of the cool auntie!  I'm a not-soon-to-be mommy in training.  For some reason I'm fairly certain Maurice Junior will come first, so I'll have to do my homework on how to get down and dirty with the boys.  I can also just watch learn from dad, he's been roughing me up for a while :-) and I always tell him he needs him a son!  I must tell you, it has payed off (and all our friends pressuring talking sense to him about kids), we now have a date for when we will get off the pill and start trying.

I can't wait to take weekly pictures, and plan a co-ed baby shower, decorate the nursery, the delivery,  bringing him home, a year of firsts... and the list continues.  I'm sooooo ready!!!!!!

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