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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast Inspiration

My very first blog post.. cheers to a new hobby!!!!! Still becoming familiar with the page and with the idea of blogging but excited to start this new journey, so I call it. It's a Saturday morning(wait not morning anymore)and I'm sitting home besides my hubby, who is playing call of duty. (He can seriously play that all day (sight!) Well my breakfast inspired me to start a blog. One about food there is... A little about me: I absolutely love to cook!!! ( I'll let ppl that eat my food to judge whether or not I'm a good cook! ) Anyways, I made my hubby a stuffed french toast sandwich, but wasn't really feeling it so I just used some of the batter to make a flat waffle (my waffle maker is at my mom's). I topped it with frozen fruits and whipped cream, which made a gorgeous little tower and it also tasted good; I took pictures of it and I'll post them here. (it was my inspiration after all) Since I cook a lot I'll try to post my adventures in the kitchen, but I'll also be posting a lot about me and my new life. Ah, there is so much I want to say... well 'til next time!!! Oh I almost forgot today is my half birthday, maybe I'll have an interesting post tomorrow...


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