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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Hobby Day #2

Today has been a pretty uneventful day. Woke up, went to church, came back to my husband still in bed, made panini sandwiches for lunch and am sitting in front of the computer reading blogs while my hubby is once again playing Call of Duty. Let me go through my steps from yesterday backward until the time I left here. Well this morning at around 3 my energy decided to go out. Which happened to be around the time my hubby felt asleep, and needless to say he woke up for that (well i guess i do need to state that since you, whomever you are, dont know him; but I'll fill you in about the tornado siren later). So here I sound a sleep when I here, you guess it, him calling my name. The energy just went off... I quickly thought to myself, wait, I just paid the bill, why did it go off. I looked outside the window and it was sprinkling, but that is no reason for the light to go off. So I though to myself, once again, why is the energy cut off. In the mist of this, he is looking for our cells to give us some light. Now why do we need like at 3 in the morning? IDK that was one of my other many thoughts... and he is waking me up why? we couldn't even light a candle because we don't have matches so I suggested we go to walmart. (let me tell you, i'm kind of a walmart junkie) but His reaction? What do we need to go to walmart for? Of course I had to brake it down-- the oven, which is our source of fire is electric and if we want some kind of lighting (which he did, being that he was walking around with my cell phone open) we will need to get matches. His next question was is it even open? Hello? it's walmart!!!! we ended up not going we just laid in bed and talked about our night, while waiting for the light to come on again so we could go back to sleep. Or should I say he could? :-) Well the lights off mystery remains uncovered but I must say I love when this little incidents happens because it brings us closer. It makes me feel like he needs me, plus it is just so cute that he gets all freaked out. I mean we didn't have to wait until the light came back on since we dont need light to go to sleep, but the talking that happened in between made it all worth it and enjoyable. Except that he didn't wake up to go to church, so I went on my own. :-( sad day, not really!!

So like I mentioned before yesterday was my half birthday, and since I had yet to have a birthday drink we went out for dinner and he bought me my first drink as a 21 yrs young. It was delightful and surprisingly cheap. Half birthday dinner all together was successful. We attempted to go dancing afterwords but no good places here in town, so we postponed it. Before dinner we checked out some fireworks place, since we are in a extremely small town until I'm done with school, we are going to get creative about 4th of July. We also went to a Gamestop to get Wii Resort, but we soon found out, you have to have a wii motion plus to play, and we were not looking to spend that kind of money. How disappointing, but oh well. Maybe we will invest on Just Dance, looks fun on tv!!

Well that will be all for now, 'til next time!!


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