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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the plain wall is coming together...

So I just started blogging and I'm already slacking... My hubbie always calls me out for being all over the place and not finishing things, and he is so right! No excuses--I just think of too much at once and cant focus on only one thing, which sucks and as result I don't finish things (not on a timely manner anyways).

Well enough with that, I hung up the picture frames I had and will soon get some more to fill out the wall. The wall decor I had in mind for behind the TV fell through, so I'll be postponing that.. Pillows weren't so successful so I'm planning to go full force on the second round. (full force meaning bigger) My little plant is doing good so far (can't wait til I can can cook with some fresh basil, furthermore cant wait to have a full blown garden, which wont be for a while).


Jess said...

i like the pillows! and how you set up the pictures! can't wait to see the rest of your place =) xoxo!!

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