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Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of july Part Uno

I guess I need to stop saying that I'm going to stop slacking and actually do it.  I started a blog hoping to write everyday, and document my adventures in the kitchen, but (like everything I start) is not going as planned.  Throughout the day I keep making mental notes of what I'll write but never get to the writing part.  I even attempted to do the WWW challenge but being as though I don't leave home much, that is being postponed til school starts in a couple o months.  DO YOU NOTICE A PATTERN?  "postponed" seemed to be on all my post.... sad day, yet reality!!! One day this will change...

I don't have any pics today but I've been wanting to post the pic of the very first pie I made... sorry no recipe, as to all my savory dishes, but it looked decent at least that's what I thought.  

Oh and this was a dessert my hubby made for one of our first meals at our little nest.  (He was very proud of it, and it tasted yummy!)

PS. Notice the title!!! Hopefully there will be a part DOS...


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