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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Conforter is Finally Here!!

So we order our bedding a week after we got home after our wedding and it just arrived yesterday...  they said it was back ordered (for over a month? really).  You know me, of course I wasn't going to let it slide;  I called them every other day to compliant which paid off (not as much as I would like anyways), they gave me close to $30 off.  To be honest I was ready to just cancel the order, but the hubz is in love with it, so we kept it. Surprisingly I'm pretty happy with it.  It look a lot better in person, and it is simple and clean looking, giving me room to play with different shapes in the room.

Well here it is!!! (I'm not a photographer by any means, so pics will not do it's justice)  It's also wrinkled, but I figured it would straighten out with time and I didn't want to flatten the stuff that makes it fluffy. 

Excuse the mess at the end, I was in the middle of organizing when it popped in my head to take this pic.

Ps:  It took me and the hubz about 30 min to make it look like the pic that comes in the packaging.  ( this was a must for my OCD hubby, enough said )

'til next time...


Jess said...

it looks so good chica!! cant wait to see the rest of ur place!

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