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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WIWW uno

I'll try my best to put captions on each outfit, but I don't really remember how much things costs, but I guarantee you that none of it is more than $20 if that...

So after contemplating for weeks and changing my mind twice about when to start this new journey, here I am.  Definitely not a complete week due to the lack of reasons to get dressed, but it's the efforts that count right?  I decided to post WIWW earlier with the goal to wear something other than t-shirts even when have no where to go.  My hubbie is always saying that I don't wear half of my clothes so I thought this was a good way to prove him wrong. (i guess this was also a goal)

Wore this to run errands and go groceries shopping.
Shirt: ross, Skirt: thrifted, headband: rue21
Movie Date with the hubbie.
Dress and shoe: ross, neckless: Charlotte russe,
hair accessorize: clarie's
Didn't really go anywhere.
Skirt: passed down from my sister,
Skirt: either rainbow or Rave, bracelet: can't remember
 just sitting at home.
Shirt: walmart $1, spandex: Gap, towel: walmart :-)
Clearly not the best at this but is my first time, please cut me some slack.. I'm sure it will get better as school starts. ( or worse , but i'm like to look at a half full glass)

 'til next time...


Ellen said...

Good job. :)

Mommy Moxie said...

LOL! I love it "towel: Walmart".

The gray dress from date with the hubby is sooo cute!

Nanda Mansfield said...

:-) thank you for the compliments and the comments.. I have a few readers that's so exciting!!!!

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