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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sisterly Advice

So my sister has asked me about this work out for the longest time, and I just blew it off.  She finally got a membership and started going to this class.  She's been telling me how much fun it is, which sparked a curiosity.  I finally decided to check it out and I loved it. 

ZUMBA!!!!!! (Wish I had know how much fun it was a long time ago)

I started working out consistently about last summer, and if i knew doing Zumba was going to be so much fun it could have saved me a lot of trouble.  I never liked working out hard core, and running just isn't my fort√©.  Zumba is so innovating, I love dancing which makes it even better.  Even if you don't have rhythm, you can still have so much fun.  The first day, despite deciding to go back for the fun of it, I kind of under estimated the actual work out behind it; but after waking up sore, the questioning became annul.  I definately rememnd for all the ladies out there who finds every excuse in the book not to get up and fo to the gym. (I was one of them).  Just give it a try, you got nothing to lose but pounds!!

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