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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday Week Dos

So I realized I posted my first WIWW and tell you what WIWW stands for.. which is What I Wore Wednesday, not literally wednesday, but that is the day to post what you wore the week before up to wednesday.  This brilliant idea came from The Pleated Poppy who started the WIWW in the efforts to take care of ourselves, and having fun with it!

I don't think i left the house that day! top: thrifted, shorts:american eagle, pile of clothes behind me: courtesy of my hubbie
Running Errandas around town. navy top: Ross, plaid shorts:Gordmans
Carnival with the hubz. Shirt: rue21, shorts: rainbow (i think), shoes:vanity

PJ's, it's bed time!! pants: thrifted (but old navy) shirt: no idea
Zumba Class. Tshirt: free, skort: gift from J.Choe

Stil not a full week but getting there.  Took i tip from Lindsey's last wiww and cropped the pics.  How does it look?  I'll be asking Santa for a new camera  in the near future, so the images will get better too... BTW near future is next 2 yrs because i have other things higher on my list since we don't have kids yet :-)

'til next time...


Ellen said...

I really like the top from the first outfit. I followed the cropping advice too. I think it helps. :)

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