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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Groceries Budget...


So for the month of July, I wanted to try something new.  Instead of doing the regular monthly grocery shopping, I thought if I went every week, I could get fresh fruits and veggies and I could spare us a couple of dollars (couple is more like $50).  I gave myself a $50 weekly budget, which comes about $200 a month, when we usually spent anywhere from $250-$300.  We could put the extra away or go out on an extra date.  I was pretty successful on the first two weeks, but we did have to run to grab milk and eggs a few times; and since I can't just go in and get what i went for, I always spent a bit more than necessary. Now that the month is over I've yet to check how I did on my mission (I'm kind of scare, not going to lie).

I'll end up doing later on today, so stand by to see how I did.
What do you prefer? monthly or weekly? Any advices?


Justine said...

I used to spend WAY too much on groceries. Make a list, it definitely helps. Also, use coupons! If you don't get them from your newspaper, they're all over the internet. I started saving A LOT more money!

I'm not with this blog, but I do come here to look for coupons from time to come.


Jenna said...

I usually go every other week. I'm too lazy to plan out a whole MONTH'S worth of meals at one time. And I agree with Justine... coupons are a girl's best friend! If you're really thrifty with coupons (and only buy something if you have a coupon), then you can save a TON of money. I've saved as much as $14 in a single visit and I was ecstatic. Also, the less "processed" a food is, the cheaper it is. I.e. buy a whole pineapple and cut it up if you need pineapple chunks rather than buy canned pineapple chunks. Also, I usually cook 3-4 nights a week, and the other nights we eat something easy (and cheap) like cereal or hot dogs. I've definitely gotten more thrifty since I've been married... it's just one of those things you learn by experience!

Nanda Mansfield said...

Thank you so much ladies.. I will definitely be visiting those websites and using more coupons...and Jenna thanks for the tips I'll be trying to only buy certain things if I have a coupon!

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