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Sunday, October 17, 2010

my new favorite snack!!!

The other day when I was doing groceries (in the cereal isle to be precise), I saw Chex cereal and immediately puppy chow came to my mind (I could almost taste it in my mouth!!!) I'm kinda weak when it comes to commercial, I see it I want it (that's how I ended up with a Magic Bullet, no complaints btw).  Anyways, I bought the damn cereal ( I said that because I really could spare the cal, but no now I was craving it and know myself I would not rest until I had some) and as soon as i got home I had to make puppy chow.  

Here is what is so amazing, I realized we had crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth, so I decided to use my white chocolate peanut butter; and it turned out to be THE BEST puppy chow ever.... Seriously you should go make some right now...  Oh and instead of chocolate chip, I used Nestle Nesquik.

Here is the word behind "my white chocolate peanut butter" if your wondering... I don't really like pbj's, I eat peanut butter on sugar cones or on Quaker Rice Cakes so I get a white chocolate or dark chocolate peanut butter(they're sooo yummie)  for me and the regular for the hubbie for his pbj's.


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