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Monday, January 31, 2011

So long January!!

My goodness, where has this month went?  It seemed like just last week that things were getting back to normal from the holidays... and once again I promised to post more often.  I always spend so much time blog hopping that I end up getting tired of staring at the computer screen before I get to my own.

I've been wanting to change up my blogs' face for a while but didn't want any of those pre-made ones.  Although  there is still a lot of work (I just got some tips from one of my favorite blogger), I can live with what it looks like right not until I create something totally on my own.  I also added some pages, which I will be working on soon slowly but surely, due to my unexperienced in the blogging world.

Anyways, school started today and I am really out of shape as far as getting up early and been on a schedule so I'm exhausted.  I had planned to post about a recipe that I reinvented but I guess will do it next time...

Hope you have a great week (whom ever you are!)


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