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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blazer Fever!

I've been wearing a lot of jeans lately (from what I usually wear), not that I have tons (I think I can count with one hand).  The reason for that is that, just recently I realized that I'll be student teaching soon and after that is "Welcome to the Real World", which means no more jeans for me!!!(Okay I'm exaggerating)  But chances are I'll only be wearing jeans on the weekends and field trip days; so sorry if I bore you with my jeans quest,  I've never been a jeans kind of girl but I'm finding them quite fun lately.  I promise I'll TRY to switch it up, in between jeans and keep the top and the shoes department fun!!

blue top: walmart
blazer: gordmans (so old)
jeans: macy's (hydraulic)
flats: second hand
belt: from brazil (so so so old)

Oh blazers too!!! I've been itching to wear my latest thrifty find, but I can't seem to find the perfect outfit to paired it with...  I think it would look perfect with a dress but it's kind of cold out and no occasion to wear it either :-(



ooh, those jeans are great! Love the hue and the slightly distressed look. And those flats are SUPER cute. xx veronika

Mommyblogger said...

I adore blazers. They are so fun and versatile.

NanyBrazilian said...

thank you ladies!!

Sarita said...

Last week on WIWW I posted about my new love for blazers too! Thank you thrift store!!! I pretty much wear jeans and a top every day! Can I say, your blog header is ADORABLE, I pretty much love it! Must be a testament to your personality!

Ramsey said...

You look super presh in you blazer and bright colors! Love!

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