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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First timer!

This is my very first time wearing a scarf other than the ones you wear to protect your neck from the cold.  I saw the scarf at Goodwill when I was browsing around for blazers, I knew I had to get it.  For 25 cents? I couldn't pass it, even if i was unsure how I was going to wear it.  With all the inspiration from the fashion blog world I, I knew I would find a way... So here is the first way!!!! I have in mind two other ways, and as I find more I'll try to pull it off.  Now, as of my last pic, excuse me falling over.. I was trying to show you guys one of my favorite pair of shoes (they are soooo confy)!!!!
blue undershit: walmart
black long sleeve: moda international
scarf and belt: thrifted
jeans: ross (hydraulic)
shoes: maurices'


K a said...

Yesss that jeans! This year we like it flare ;)

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