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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I feel like...

I've been neglecting my blog for the past couple...  As you know I didn't have class so, I was really not trying to do much (that's my lame excuse this time).  Remember the cleaning I was going to do?  Didn't happen! Are you surprised?  Please don't be, you'll prob hear that a lot from me... anyways in the mist of uneventful three days with no classes, I did of course managed to step in the kitchen and experiment a little (nothing out of the ordinary thou) and I also did go somewhere yesterday so I'll be posting an outfit...

One of the nights I made quesadillas, and they turned out just like I wanted.  You see, I always just make them on the stove top griddle, and they are just fine, but not to long ago Kirstin @ What Happens at Naptime posted this really gorgeous crispy looking BBQ chicken and black beans quesadilla that I just had to try.  I did not follow the recipe (again hope you are not surprised), but I did butter the tortilla and made it on a skillet  this time.  The result?  See for your self!!!!

I think they looked how I wanted and it tasted even better...  Now that I've mastered the crispiness, I will have to try the chicken and black beans recipe though, it's just too good to pass.

Another thing I mixed up in the kitchen this week was chocolate chip waffles.  I love making waffle sandwiches at anytime of the day and instead of mayo I use cream cheese.  I'm not a fan of syrup so this time, it left me with plain chocolate chip waffle, so since I can't contain myself from experiencing, I decide to spread  cream cheese anyways like the usual and it was better than I expected deli-sh.  I'm pretty sure I'll be gaining a few pounds from eating that for breakfast (no bueno).


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