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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've been Outlawed!! (if that's even a word :-)

NO school until Friday YaY!!!!!  But that means I'll prob not be getting dresses, so no outfit posts until then...  On an unrelated note:  I believe I never finished to share Mi Casa, and I'm already sick of the layout we have (in our room that it is)...I'll prob be doing some organizing, since I don't have school for three days, so I'll take some pics before I change it up!  One of the reason I started this blog was to document our lives, but with no kids, things get pretty mellow and quite around here.  Well 'til then, there will be plenty of outfits, cooking and DIY-ing :-)  a little of everything because that is just how I function!  Tah-ta...
Checker shirt and boots: Ross
Jeans: TJ-Maxx
Belt: thrifted
vest: walmart


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

cute blog! x

Mommyblogger said...

Loving the boots! Enjoy your days off from school :)

NanyBrazilian said...

Thank you, I'll try to be productive :-)!!


Adorable! Love the vest + skinny belt combo. Yay, for no school. xx veronika

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