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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peanut Butter Cravings

Have you ever fallen for those infomercial that swears it's the best product you'll ever purchase?  Well I have!  It was a few years back more like five or so (gosh I don't even remember when).  I do remember it was a Sunday morning before church, I turned on the tv before rolling out of bed, was flipping through the channels and something caught my eyes... any job done in 10 secs or less?  does breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  chop, grate, grind,  and blend? wait! party drinks? (I was already dialing by "or less").

Yes, I'm talking about the magic bullet...

I was so mesmerized by this little blender, that now that I look back, I have no idea why...  I mean I use it a whole lot more now (though it's no all that great like they make it seem), but back them I didn't  do any cooking, nor was I someone that need to save time (heheh silly me)  The thing is, I did in fact get it that morning and not only did I get one but I paid the extra shipping for two.  I also thought it was the greatest mother's day gift (boy was I wrong), but that's another story.

Now onto the "Peanut Butter Cravings"...  The other day I was craving something Peanut butter.  I had decided to make peanut butter crumbs, but no idea what to eat it with.  Browsing around for recipes I came across a peanut butter cream pie with crumb top.  I wasn't trying to make all that, neither was I craving a pie; so here is how the magic bullet comes into place.  I knew I wanted peanut butter crumb and meringue sounded good.  One of the segments of the Magic Bullet infomercial is chocolate mousse made from heavy cream and chocolate syrup (can you see the light bulb blinking?).  Whipped cream is close enough (to me anyways) to meringue, and if I fold in peanut butter crumb, it will some what resemble a pie.

Guess what?  It was pretty darn good.  Except that I didn't follow a recipe for the whipped cream and pour in a 'lil too much sugar (and you all know how much i'm not a fan of too sweet).  I made it again today and elided (just learned this word today, hopefully i'm using it right) the sugar, but it wasn't sweet enough.  my advice is if you'll try to make this, is to just make it to taste.  And oh I also added quick oats oatmeal to the crumbs, it was simply delightful.


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