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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zebra Attack

This outfit is what I consider to be a walking disaster! 
Zebra Zip Up: ross
black shirt: gifted but form anchor blue
jeans short: cut by me (5 min before wearing) but jeans were from ross
white tights: don't remember
thigh highs: bday gift
 Lucky my hubby (who always tells me the truth when I ask how do I look) put some sense into me and this is what I ended up wearing this.
where: game nite at a friends
Black Zip Up: thrifted
I don't know if I'll wear this again specially with the white thighs.  Would you wear this?  I got a good response from my girlfriends but I never know if they are been honest.  I always get, "only you can pull this off!"  and I'm not sure how to take it...  I'm just tired of dressing like a cookie cutter, you know like following trends but not being daring?  I've always worn whatever I'm comfortable with but I'm slowly sneaking in thinking outside of the box.  Slowly but surely, right?  Well I've blabbed enough, time for some hw...(that's right hw, not school--i only have two classes this semester and they happen to be every other day)


Kristin said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on What Happens at Naptime! That made my day. :) We LOVE anything Mexican or Tex-Mex so we use tortillas all the time. Typically I use whatever is cheapest at Wal-Mart - I think the brand is called Tia Rosa? If you are using them for quesadillas it doesn't really matter since you'll be cooking with them anyway. I might buy a better brand if I was using them for plain tacos. Hope that helps!

Mommyblogger said...

I honestly don't think a person can wear just about anything if they feel confident in it. It's not necessarily the clothes as much as it is how the person carries themself. I am very cookie cutter in dressing & I hate it. I've tried to step out of the box a bit but nothing quite as extreme as you. The outfit does look good on you although I'm not a huge fan of the white tights. Please don't take that as me being negative. I don't much like white tights with anything, just a personal opinion. You look adorable though :)

NanyBrazilian said...

@mommyblogger: no no I don't think your being negative at all, the white tights are hard to wear, every time I put it on I end up switching, but this time I just went for it! :-) but thank you for the compliments and all thoughts and opinions are welcome!

Kristin said...

I just thought of something else for your quesadillas. Do you butter your tortillas before you put them in the skillet? Butter them like you would grilled cheese - on the outside of each tortilla. That should help make them nice and crispy.

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