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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My friend said I looked like a....

...painter!!! What do you think???
I hadn't worn this boots forever (at least that is what it felt like it).  They are definitely one of my top favorite (although i do have a thing for boots).  I didn't intend to wear them; but when I was getting the ones I wanted (gray ones from this post), I saw them and couldn't resit.  I don't know if it makes much of a difference but I did styled it two different ways... which do you like best??

hat: walmart
top: moda international
cardi vest: walmart
belt: thrifted
leggings: mom's closet
boots: rue21


CessOviedo said...

It's funny when people come with remarks like that, I've gotten called pirate,painter, cowgirl and list continues! ... Liked the comfy outfit, those purple boots are so cool, you look darling!

<3 Cess O.

Morgan said...

You totally look like a painter...a super hott one!! LOVES it!

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NanyBrazilian said...

Thanks ladies, and Morgan I'm so blushing right now :-)

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