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Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm Ba-ack !!!

Boy oh boy, it has only been what?? 2 years, 4 months and 28 days... but who is counting right?

I've been contemplating coming back for weeks, if not months, like what would my first post back be? should I write about what has happened in the past 2 years?  So much has happened, I wouldn't know where to start...the beginning would be a good a idea, but that would make it for a long boring uneventful scattered post.

Then I thought about why I started this blog (you can read about it here) and instead I've decided to just...start back off since I got to start somewhere, I'm sure I'll ramble write about it eventually, maybe even some now :-)

For starters, we are not in lil'o Hastings, Ne anymore.  We are now proud residents of Denver, Co.  We have new jobs, new neighbors, new friends, even a new couch :-)  I'll be sure to post random pictures of our pass 2 years to give you a glimpse of the time that has passed.

Gleenwood Springs, CO November, 2013

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