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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day Numero Cinco & Last (but of Course not Least)

Turns out I have more stripes than I thought.  YaY!!! for stripes!!!!

Today was my first day of work and I couldn't be happier.  After almost eight months without working, and a semester outside of the classroom being around kids was so much fun.  Soooo for details about my new job...  I'll be spending my afternoon with elementary age children at our local YMCA after school program called Fun Club.  Now onto looking for a morning job :-) .  Why, you ask?   Well, we just got a new car!!!  This week has been a blessing (besides the concussion that is).  We've been looking for a while, and me getting my job was just the icing on the cake and what made us speed up the process.

stripped top: dillars
undershirt: hand me down
slacks: thrifted
boots: soda

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Mommyblogger said...

Yay for a job! I stay home with my kids and sometimes I miss being able to work. Hope you love it :)

NanyBrazilian said...

I'm enjoying it now, I can't imagine how hard of a decision that will be for me.. My plans is to stay home at least until they are school aged, but only GOD knows what the future holds...

Megan Mae said...

Congrats on the job! And thanks for joining stripes week, I've enjoyed your outfits.

kileen said...

congrats on the new job!! it sounds like a great time and i love how you paired the darker stripes with light khakis.

cute & little
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Pop Champagne said...

congrats on your job and getting a new car!! :)

Rania K. said...

Nice top,I like the colors of the stripes!

CessOviedo said...

Congrats on your first day, welcome to the working girl life! I love working with children too, it's amazing all the love and happiness they transmit, you look very cute as a preppy girl!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

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