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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wearing it on My Sleeves

Today was very uneventful day but I do have more good news!!!  On Monday's game the hubby too a pretty hard shot to the head which lead to him having a concussion.  He decided not to tell anyone he was seeing double at the game and continued to play.  He slept the whole ride (which his teammates teased him after because it was so loud), really unusual for him and not recommended if you just had a concussion.  Anyways, we slept and rested pretty much all day Tuesday, and his only symptoms were a mild headache and nausea, which we usually justify it with post game fatigue.  On Wednesday however, he woke up dizzy, with a worse headache and we notice a popped blood vessel on his left eye, besides him being forgetful.

He still went in to work, but left early to go see a doctor.  Since his symptoms were a bit delayed, being that the injury was on Monday the doctor prescribed a CAT scan to make sure there wasn't any bleeding in his cuca (word in my dictionary for brain/head).  We tried to get the CAT scan done yesterday but it wasn't possible, so we went in today.  I was super worried but thank GOD everything came clear and he'll be able to go back to his normal routine on Monday. Unfortunately that means he won't be playing this Sunday, but I'm glad he gets to rest it, rather than ignore it and have a more severe injury.

undershirt: hand me down
sweater: ross (sooo old)
necklace: achor blue
jeans: macy's (hydraulic)
hugg: gifted
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Mommyblogger said...

I'm loving the way you added your striped in, too cute! Glad your hubby is okay :)

Megan Mae said...

Cute sweater! A great way to wear your stripes.

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